Thai hookups

25-Oct-2017 09:09

Direct return circuiting can save 30 percent in distribution piping costs.

However, many times these systems are very difficult to manually balance.

As a rule of thumb, automatic balancing can save ten percent of the installed BHP when compared to a manually balanced system.

Auto Flow valves add only 4.6 feet to the calculated pump head.

Manually balanced systems are generally considered to be only 15 percent accurate.

A five foot lower head requirement can help reduce the size of the pump selected.These and other features are discussed in detail in the following sections.Automatically balanced systems are certified to be accurate within five percent.terminals, branches, risers, mains and the pump discharge.

The system cannot be proportionally balanced without metering and throttling devices at each of these points.

This is why almost every hydronic system is balanced either manually or with Auto Flow.